As part of Scrabble with the Stars 2015, John Dunsworth once again offered up The DunsWord Challenge! Many people played online and at our event on Nov. 6, 2015.

In the original challenge, Daina Aleksis, Paul Begin, Suzanne Gauthier, Mary Lou Martin and Tami Thompson all tied to win, each earning 82 point scores, for APPOINT.

However, there could only be one winner so John declared a tile-off! These five players were challenged to use as many tiles as they would like, set-up a make believe game with legitimate words so that, lo and behold, they could create the opportunity of the millennium and score a bazillion points when they plunked down their final seven tiles.

The runner-up was Suzanne Gauthier with 501 points for the work ZWIEBACK and the grand winner was Paul Begin with 529 points for the word QUIZZICALLY!

John generously matched the funds raised through the challenge with a donation to PALifax and he will be taking Paul and Suzanne to a lunch and an afternoon of Scrabble playing.

Thank you so much to John and to all of you who participated in the fun! Stay tuned for what John will challenge next!


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