About PAL Halifax


Performing Arts Lodges Halifax Ltd. (“PAL Halifax” or “PAL”) is a not-for-profit society, created to provide quality affordable housing and support for professional members of the creative industries and allied professions.


PAL Halifax’s mandate is to serve Nova Scotia’s creative industries and allied professionals in the areas of affordable housing, health and well-being.


PAL Halifax values community involvement, the creative vitality of PAL residents and environmental responsibility. Performing Arts Lodges are residential developments designed to provide housing and care for professional members and associates of Canada’s creative industries and allied professions.


The first residence, PAL Place, was built in Toronto in 1993 with PAL Vancouver opening their doors in May 2006, followed by Edmonton in 2010 and Stratford in 2013. In addition to PAL Halifax, other projects are in various stages of development. PAL Edmonton is scheduled to open a second lodge in 2014.

Local PAL chapters are members of PAL Canada Foundation, a national organization that advocates, develops policy, provides a means of communication and generates incentives amongst local PAL chapters.

PAL Halifax was officially established as a not-for-profit society in January 2003. Since that time, its volunteer Board of Directors, has focused on fundraising, raising the general profile of PAL in the Maritimes and researching the needs of PAL’s target community.

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