Rallying PAL Halifax Support for the Housing Trust of Nova Scotia

Ross Cantwell, of the Housing Trust of Nova Scotia, has asked us to invite all PAL Halifax supporters to an information evening (click here for flyer in PDF format) regarding the building that we hope to have units in on Gottingen St. Your support is very important to us! Please come.

As many Board members as possible will be in attendance.

  • Housing is getting very expensive in HRM and in particular the Peninsula.
  • Increased housing costs have many impacts: more traffic and congestion with people commuting to the suburbs; shift in jobs to the suburbs to be closer to where people live; erosion of the cultural diversity of our neighbourhoods.
  • Halifax is promoting itself as a Smart City, and as a city that is part of the Creative Class. Increasingly, many of those people who make up the Creative Class (artists, designers, etc) can no longer afford to live in neighbourhoods near downtown. This is a problem that needs to be addressed.
  • PAL Halifax represents many of the actors, artists and others in the creative industries that have worked their whole careers to enrich the lives of others. For decades, many of these people have lived in the North End and have made it a better place to live. As many of the vacant lots in the North End are redeveloped, we need to make sure that we don’t displace long time residents.
  • PAL Halifax supports the Housing Trust in its efforts to provide affordable housing in the North End, and is proud to be partnering with them on the MET property.

Ideally, PAL Halifax supporters will attend the meeting and stand up and make positive comments at the end of the presentation!

WHEN: Thursday January 17th – 6:00 pm
WHERE: The North End Memorial Library, 2285 Gottingen Street, Halifax

Or for more information, contact Ross Cantwell at 902-497-7338 or visit www.housingtrust.ca.

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