PAL Halifax partners with Housing Trust of Nova Scotia

PAL Halifax has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Housing Trust of Nova Scotia securing affordable apartments for our members in a development currently being planned for Gottingen Street in Halifax. Gottingen Street is enjoying a mini-resurgence as an arts-based neighbourhood!

In exchange for the affordable units for our members, PAL Halifax is assisting the Housing Trust of Nova Scotia in designing and filling the ground-floor space of the building so that it will be a vibrant complement to the Gottingen Street community and to our member tenants as well.

Several members of the PAL Halifax board attended a meeting with the Gottingen St. Merchants’ Association, in which Ross Cantwell, President of the Housing Trust, presented preliminary schemes for the building. Much valuable input was received from the assembled group. While work remains to be done on the part of the Housing Trust and their architect to bring the proposed facility more in line with the scale and character of the community, PAL Halifax is incredibly excited about the prospects of providing affordable housing to our members in this burgeoning arts community.

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