In Memory of Jean Morpurgo


By Deborah Allen

From the moment Jean received her diagnosis of leukemia she did what she always did with a challenge. She met it head on. She studied it, documented symptoms and lived stoically through more discomfort and pain than we may ever experience. All the while she held on to all her many passions, friends and projects.

One of those dear to her heart was PAL Halifax. She was a founding member and right now is no doubt looking down on our good fortune. If you had Jean on side you had a committed worker for the cause.

She was integral to PAL Halifax as the best secretary ever, huge contributor to the first Scrabble with the Stars and offered wise and cogent discussion at many a brainstorming session.

Jean was a consummate theatre professional; friend extraordinaire; mentor to many young artists; tireless volunteer and a dutiful mother and daughter. She loved gardening and tended to friendships and affiliations with a nurturing hand. In the past few years she took on big personal projects i.e. refurbishing her delightful living room; reworking her garden and planning a family trip to England with her kids for her Dad’s 90th birthday.

Jean lead by example with humour and total honesty. Her style and grace is a rare find these days. We’ll miss her terrific insights, analysis and that wonderful, wicked laugh!

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